Modern fairy tales

Conversation with my 4 years old niece

Me: What are you cooking?
Niece: I’m a princess.
Me: Oh I see.
Niece: I’m a princess so I don’t cook. (in a very firm tone)
Niece points to a slightly older boy who was playing with her.
Niece: He’s a King.
Boy: ….
Niece: He’s a King so he cooks for the princess.
Boy: ?????

hehehehehe! Now who says children aren’t smart.

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  1. Hello.., this is your personal blog right? sorry but i dont know how else to contact you -.- cant find your email add anywhere.

    but i wanna ask what company are you working for and whether you have any part/full time positions?

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    so yah, i felt i had to buay paiseh and ask you ^^*

    unless you dont check back here and never see this. T.T

    my emailis, hope you can get back to me soon πŸ™‚

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