Voting for our future

Politics and religion are sensitive topics. It can cause friction among friends, family and even couples.

This election has seen more passionate, heated and even fiery discussion.

For the first time since Singapore’s independence, everyone will get to vote. There is no walkover.

For the first time since Singapore’s independence, there are a total of 9 parties and 2 independent candidates.

For the first time since Singapore’s independence, there is no LKY.

Is it any wonder if the election fever is at a all time high?

I am glad that there is so much interest. Not just because there are so many different parties but because Singaporeans care, contrary to the common believe that most are disinterested.

During this period, all parties (yes, including the ruling parties) will be offering everything under the moon. Are they achievable? Or are they illusions? This is something that each and everyone of us who are voting will have to decide.

Ultimately, you vote for the party that speaks the most to you and feel that will offer a better future for yourself and most importantly, your children and your children’s children.

If this passion continues, then I am hopeful and certain that even more credible and capable people will come up in the future to serve and lead Singapore into the future for generations to come.

On 11 September, go to the polls with a clear conviction that the party you are going to vote for is the best for the country.

Old Parliament House


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